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So, here's a fun character interview with one of the protagonists from our current WIP. We got tagged by :icontwiztidpiksi: 

Pick an OC to interview.
2) Answer the ten questions.
3) Tag six people after the interview.
4) Take your time!

1) When were you born?

Eighteen years ago, around midnight in Dome Central Emergency Hospital. A month early, actually. It screwed up my eyes pretty bad too. The docs blamed early atmo exposure. But we all joked it was Dad's protean loaf that sent mom into labor.  

2) What's your favorite color?


3) What's your favorite food?

Protein stew, great grandma Gipson's recipe. Mmmm so good!

4) Do you have a bf or gf? 

No. Well, okay I did meet a guy recently but we're just friends, mostly. Ugh! It's complicated. Domers don't normally go out with grungers. Or associate with them at all, really. Plus his asshole father kinda tried and kill me. A few times.  But Landon isn't like the others in his clan. He's smart, he's ambitious, he's almost as much of a droid fanatic as I am... and he doesn't go around robbing and murdering innocent travelers. 

5) What is your favorite thing to do?

Two words.. droid battles. I'm Captain of Team Howler (future champions if I get my way) and I love everything about it! The excitement, the danger, the challenge. It's the ultimate sport of awesomeness! Provided you have a good battle partner, that is. And I do. My pal, Shadowfang.  

6) How fast can you run?

About 210 mph with the overdrive at full throttle. 

(gives middle finger) 

8) How smart are you?

Well I'm not an moron if that's what you're asking. 

I may not be as top-of-the-line as those science-genus dome kids who got into school. But can any of those data-file quoters gut and replace a droid's flux regulator with their eyes closed? Yeah, didn't think so. 

9) Do you have a brother or sister?

My big brother, Brice. He raised me after our parents were killed by feral droids. He's kinda a pain in the ass in a way-to-overprotective way but I know he means well. 

10) LAST QUESTION: What's one belonging that you never wanna lose?

That would be my droid, Fang, obviously. Well Fang's core at least. That's where it's personality is kept. Though to be clear I don't consider Fang a belonging. It's my best friend. Fang and I have been through hell together: rampaging feral droids, toxic swamps, grunger deathtraps... even a swarm of rogue nano-tech...  Yeah sometimes we fight. And yeah, we've both screwed up on occasion and nearly gotten the other killed...  But when the shit hits the fan we always come through for each other.  


That's it! Thanks for the interview, Bren!

We tag... :iconmisstopaz: :iconyunasakura: :iconangelraye: :iconjessiphia: :iconluigicat11: :iconpassion-assassin:

and... well, anyone else who wants to complete it! :)

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